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The Physicians of Douglas County
DCIPA, the Physicians of Douglas County (DCIPA), is a physician led and owned organization in Douglas County.  Founded in 1993, DCIPA was a contractor in the Oregon Health Plan from 1994 to 2013, providing care for over 16,000 Douglas county residents.  On January 1, 2013, DCIPA partnered with Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg to launch Umpqua Health, LLC.  Now, with the Obama-care expansion population, Umpqua Health provides healthcare to 26,000 residents.   

DCIPA's mission “Serving the needs of physicians and their patients in Douglas County,” remains relevant today as the organization focuses on sustaining the individual practitioner and offering practice support for evolving technology and ever-changing regulations.

DCIPA’s 110 physician shareholders are leaders in the community and in the state.  We look forward to a prominent role in the ongoing transformation of health care delivery.

2017 Umpqua Health Alliance