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The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is a public and private partnership created to ensure access to health care for all Oregonians.

The major components include Medicaid reform, insurance for small businesses, a high risk medical insurance pool, and provisions for oversight, research, and analysis to achieve the best use of health care funding.

The Oregon Health Plan began in 1994, and at that time nearly 120,000 new members signed up. The plan intended to make health care more available to the working poor, while rationing benefits.

As of May 2012, more than 665,000 Oregonians were being served by the Oregon Health Plan. Almost 22,000 people in Douglas County were served.

Basic eligibility requires that the applicant be a resident of Oregon, as a citizen or otherwise. The level of coverage is based on income, age, mental and physical condition.

The Oregon Health Plan, consists of two main plans, OHP Plus and OHP Standard.

OHP Plus is a full benefit package that is offered to children and adults who are eligible for Medicaid or for the Children's Health Insurance Program. This package has no premiums. Some adults may be required to pay small co-payments for prescription drugs.

OHP Standard is a limited benefit package that covers uninsured adults who are not eligible for Medicaid. Significant cuts were made to the Oregon Health Plan's budget in 2003 and monthly premiums are required, but there are no co-payments.

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